Ohio Zerona

LASER-We use a state of the art Zerona laser. It is a noninvasive laser that never touches the skin and as a cold laser it generates no heat. There are no surgery, drugs nor down time.

DETOXIFICATION DIET-Through build up of toxins in our body our metabolism can become bogged down and we may not function as we once did. Through our detoxification program we are able to cleanse the body and let some of the systems rest and heal, so it can improve normal function. The detox is gentle and easy to do and many report a higher level of energy and more restful sleep

PERSONALIZED DIETARY RECOMMENDATIONS- Through consultation and other examinations, a personalized dietary plan can be worked out for you. This is specifically designed for you as an individual. Not everyone is physically the same nor is everyone biochemically the same, so why should all "healthy" diets be the same?

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